Competent and Respectful

To maximize your enjoyment of our appliances from the first day forward, we recommend using the delivery and installation services provided directly by Miele from its unique Concierge Installation Services team.

Proper installation is just the first component of superior Miele service.

Each installation technician commits to uphold Miele’s high customer satisfaction protocol and has been thoroughly trained by factory personnel to ensure a flawless delivery and installation.

Additionally, before leaving, our Concierge installer will provide you with an overview for each appliance, explaining your new appliances’ features and how to optimize their performance.

And perhaps one of the most important, differentiated objectives of Miele’s Concierge delivery and installation experience is our total commitment to respect you and your home. You will interact with a courteous team, who will slip covers over their boots before entering your home to prevent tracking in dirt and place protective mats under their tools, toolbox and appliances to safeguard your flooring from unintentional damage.

The only impression left by our Concierge installer will be one of professional, quality service.