Inspire Yourself

For over 114 years our focus has been on truly satisfying the customer. Engineering more than simply products, rather a suite of lifestyle-enhancing solutions to help you create and enjoy fine cuisine, brilliantly clean china and crystal and protect the clothes you love. We invite you to explore the Miele Center, a comfortable atmosphere to begin, and end, your search for fine household appliances.

When visiting the Miele Center you will experience genuine hospitality from knowledgeable specialists that truly care about you, your time and listening to what is most important to you. While we certainly want to earn your business, the Miele Center is a pressure-free environment to experience Miele appliances and exceptional service.

We invite you to bring all of your concepts, drawings and questions to the Miele Center. Together we will see that your tall, Riedel® Bordeauz Grand Cru glass fits perfectly into our dishwasher. We’ll taste a variety of culinary delights prepared quickly on an induction cooktop and in our unique steam oven.

You can decide which of our 20 ventilation hoods will work best in your design, and in what finish… most hoods can be customized in over 200 RAL colors! Grind Cheerios into our carpeting, before yours, to see just how effective a Miele vacuum cleaner truly is, in one pass. We can even do a load of whites to prove you can achieve spectacular results in our Honeycomb Care™ washing machine without using bleach.

Whatever your question, we will give you prompt, accurate answers and allow you to experiment with “live” products and technology to ensure it meets your expectations before you buy. Again, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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